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FIX A PHOTO - RESTORE A MEMORY - restoration photo repair service

Most people have old family pictures which have become faded, cracked, scarred, or have pieces missing. Wouldn't it be great to have those precious old photograph memories restored to their original (or better) condition? Our digital photo restoration service can repair most damage.
Digital photo repair and photo enhancement can bring special old photographs back to life.

An old photo restoration makes a great gift for anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions such as Mother's Day and Christmas. We can also photo enhance your entire genealogy photo collection.
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Simple Restoration  $10.00

Very small area of damage - photo is in very good condition - needs only a few repairs or enhancements.

- One or two scratches or spots.
- Minor retouching (red-eye or blemish removal) .
- Minor color, brightness and contrast adjustments.
Minor Restoration  $20.00 to $30.00

Photo is in good to poor condition and needs a
small number of repairs or enhancements.

- Minor facial features damaged.
- Moderate scratches or surface cracking.
- Small areas significantly damaged or missing.
- Paper wrinkling over some important detail.
- Moderate mold or water damage.
Major Restoration  $35.00 +

Photo is in very poor to very bad condition and needs extensive repair or enhancement. 

- Sections of photo missing or significantly damaged.
- Missing important detail in face or body area.
- Severe mold and or water damage.
- Severe or numerous scratches and or surface cracking.
- Severe fading, yellowing or staining.
Colorization  $10.00 +

Colorize a black and white photo. Price is in addition
to any applicable restoration fees.

- Price depends on the amount of detail needed to
  be colorized (ie. the number of people/amount of
  background detail). Send an email copy for us to review.
Special Alterations $10.00

- Removal of objects and or people.
- Adding objects and or people (from two different photos).
- Replacement of backgrounds. Price is in addition
  to any applicable restoration fees.
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Photo and Slide Archiving Service

- We can archive your photo and slide collection to CD for
  safe keeping and easy viewing. More Info
How to order by email or mail
  Payment Options:

- PayPal electronic funds transfer to
- Personal check payable to Gerry Legere
- Postal or Bank International
  Money Order negotiable in Canada

You can open a free PayPal account at:
Mail Orders (except for Simple Restoration)

- You receive a restoration photo print up to 8x10 in size.
- Originals returned with order.
- Free return shipment to the U.S.A. and Canada.
  by regular mail. Courier service upon request is extra.
- Extra prints each: 4x6 = $2.00  5x7 = $4.00  8x10 = $6.00
Price Guide - photo restoration service
NOTE: Photo restoration fees are based on the number of hours required to complete the work. Our price quotes are based on an honest estimate of the amount of work involved to obtain the best possible results.

* we always enhance the resolution of small pictures using special software to ensure that they print better in larger formats.
* we always remove all dust, scratches, and defects even though many are not noticeable by looking at the original photo.